Light The Power: Four Arrested After Capitol Hill “Smoke-In”


Following eight arrests on 4/20, this Monday, marijuana legalization advocates took to Capitol Hill for a #Reschedule420 “smoke-in” protest. During the DCMJ led demonstration, individuals lit joints and consumed edibles to push for federal decriminalization and to call on Congress to reclassify marijuana from a Schedule I drug.  On Thursday, their initial awareness consisted of passing out two joints to any person over 21 with a valid Congressional I.D.

Before DCMJ founder, Adam Eidinger, and three others were arrested, the group held five prayers for different religious denominations in attendance. Activists contended that the protest took place on D.C. land – not the Capitol grounds’ federal property. DCMJ co-founder, Nikolas Schiller, told CNN that police confiscated all the marijuana, but he insisted their activities were legal. “We believe that the US Capitol Police made politically motivated arrests,” he said. While Capitol Police declined questions about what crimes the advocates committed, spokesperson Eva Malecki issued a statement that noted, “Under federal law, it is unlawful to possess marijuana.” The arrests however have lit a fire under the weed lovers as they have no plans of backing down.

Sources: Roll CallRolling Stone


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