420TV Is Bringing “Premium” Cannabis Content Online This Fall


In our opinion, there’s always room for more cannabis content and a new online channel will deliver just that later this year. 420TV is a collaborative venture between OwnZones Media Network, Genesis Media and former Hollywood talent agency Alex Nahai.

Within the past year we have seen shows about marijuana pop-up on national television like, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party on VH1, Mary and Jane on MTV and Viceland incorporating more of the plant on its channel. These platforms don’t have 420TV bothered. They are already developing a number of shows including “Pot Cast,” a daily news show about the legal weed industry, “Marijuana Moguls,” a documentary series about ganjapreneurs, “Medical Marijuana Miracles,” about successful medicinal cannabis stories and “Cannabis 411,” a cover-all show about the weed-friendly lifestyle.

“The difference is that this will be comprehensive, professionally produced premium content, presenting all different viewpoints,” OwnZones Media founder Dan Goman said. “It’s not going to be some guy in his mom’s basement smoking a joint talking about how great the weed is. It’s a broad-based, mainstream approach to subject matter that until recently was taboo.”

420TV is scheduled to launch by the end of September with 10 shows being available to stream on OwnZones.com and on their mobile app.

Follow 420TV on Twitter to stay up to date with the release.


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